Procedure for project submission

The application process begins with the submission of short letters of intent (2-3 pages), that will be selected by an adhoc committee (joined Inria and Inserm). Interdisciplinarity, risk-taking, breakthrough and exploratory nature, contribution to innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as scientific recognition of partners will be key criteria taken into account in the selection of projects.

The successful applicants will then be accompanied by the adhoc committee for the submission of a detailed application document in order to obtain the status of joint Project-Team, according to the procedure used for the creation of Inria project-teams but with additional Inserm experts.

For the submission of the letters of intent, two schemes are envisaged:

  • One where the Inserm-Inria binomial already exists in the form of a collaboration: in this case the support by the adhoc committee will concern the elaboration of the detailed application document.
  • The other where one of the members of the pair (Inserm or Inria) is not identified at the time of the call for expression of interest. The adhoc committee will be able to accompany the finalisation of the project and the search for the missing member, in case the letter of intent is selected.

The procedure for submitting the letters of intent is as follows:

  1. If you do not have one, please first create an account on the platform
  2. Complete the Letter of Intent form (template to be downloaded here). Do not forget the signatures by the directors of the Inserm unit and the Inria Centre
  3. Submit the form in the space reserved for this purpose on the website do so, connect to the site ( "login" button at the top right) then, once connected, click on "Submit" and follow the procedure.
  4. You should receive an email confirmation from the platform that your project has been submitted

The letter of Intent forms must be submitted before noon (12pm) on July 1st, 2022

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