Appel à Manifestation d'Intérêt Santé Numérique 2021

*** The deadline for submission of Letters of Intent is 1st of July, 2022  (12 noon) ***

Inserm and Inria announce their third Call for Expression of Interest  for the identification of complementary research teams wishing to develop innovative digital health projects. This call is not of the funding agency type: the objective is to create joint teams, which share a multidisciplinary scientific roadmap and the ambition of a strong impact.

This programme aims to support cutting-edge research at the interface between digital and medical technologies through new interdisciplinary collaborations and with a view to lifting the scientific, technological and societal barriers, in particular through massive data processing, artificial intelligence techniques and modelling. The research themes should address a scientific issue relevant to digital health. They must be multidisciplinary in nature, integrating both an information science and applied mathematics dimension on the one hand and a medical or biomedical dimension on the other.

At this stage, it is therefore a matter of collecting expressions of interest from researchers or university professors carrying out their work in an Inserm laboratory or an Inria team and volunteers to co-construct a Project Team.

This team can be of variable size but must include at least one full time permanent researcher and must remain a coherent and logical entity in its composition and organisation (as an indication 4 to 5 full-time equivallent, permanent and non-permanent). It is reminded that a person can be a member of only one Project Team, and that its members are committed to carry out the bulk of their research activity within the framework of the team's roadmap. In particular, doctoral students co-supervised by permanent members of the Project Team are, with few exceptions, automatically members of the Project Team.

The project leader must be a researcher or an assistantt researcher or a full professor affiliated to an Inserm unit or an Inria team.

The agreements of the director of the Inria Centre and the Inserm unit involved in the project are required. In case the project includes staff from other organisations (University, CNRS etc.) the agreement of this organisation will also be required if the project is selected.

The joint project teams will be created for a period of 4 years, renewable twice (depending on their evaluation according to the Inria procedure in which experts proposed by Inserm will participate). In addition, the joint teams created will be evaluated by HCERES, and the Inserm scientific bodies during the evaluation wave of their affiliated UMR. They will receive funding, half from Inserm and half from Inria.

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